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Dr. Ching-Ray Chang

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Words from the Interim President

A university nurtures top-notch talents and nourishes new knowledge and innovative thinking, whence the future-minded youth assemble to change the world for the better. The core uniqueness of National Taiwan University (NTU) is tempered by the collective efforts of students, alumni, professors, researchers, and administrators who have dedicated themselves tirelessly to intellectual and societal developments. The University would not reach the apex of global excellence without the public participation and facilitation to develop its future. NTU thus plays a crucial role in shaping national excellence through cultivating talents and professionals to thrive in the global competition.

Since a university is a sanctuary for revolutions of knowledge, a leading university, not to be swayed by rankings and trends, should instead deliver new directions and redefine traditional values in international academia and societies to reach the global top and lead the world. Being bestowed the privilege of standing at the crossroads of geographical and historical confluences, NTU, by accommodating local and global elite students and scholars, can fuse the eastern and western cultural quintessence and develop a closer affinity between technologies and humanities in order to inaugurate new intellectual legacies.

Interim President
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