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The etymology of the word "university" bespeaks of a "unified change," a dogma that I firmly believe NTU has invariably observed. Owing to the staunch diligence of all our students, faculty, and staff, "National Taiwan University," in QS Intelligence Unit's research director Ben Swart words, "has already entered the ranks of the world's leading universities."

I am certain we are all validated by such high praise. We shall continue to uphold our fundamental responsibilities to constantly seek the advancement of academics and the development of professional talents for the nation. Furthermore, we must also continue to shoulder the expectations and demands of society, which calls for impeccable moral standards and scrupulous self-discipline. I sincerely hope that, other than pursuing academic excellence, NTU will act as a guiding beacon of virtue for the nation and society.

With the tide of globalization continuing to impact the world, the present era provides ideal opportunities for NTU's faculty and students to showcase their multifarious talents to the international community. One by one, they have been presenting their exceptional academic research achievements on the global stage. The numerous exemplary examples include: NTU's lung cancer stem cell research team published its findings in Nature Communications; Prof. Chih-Wei Chang and his research team at the Center for Condensed Matter Sciences presented a paper detailing their discovery of a previously unknown ballistic thermal conduction phenomenon in the prestigious international journal Nature Nanotechnology; In Nature, the Institute of Biochemical Sciences, with Prof. Hung-Yuan Peter Chi leading his research collaborators, documented the conception of a repair mechanism for damaged DNA; Nature also highlighted the discovery of the genes linked to autism made by Prof. Hsien-Sung Huang at the Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences. Each of these breakthroughs has altered the international scientific or medical landscape. The assiduous effort of our academic colleagues is axiomatically evident in the monumental research they have produced across the entire spectrum of all academic fields.

In addition to an exceptional academic environment, NTU also provides students with the optimal educational platform. Our mission in education is to cultivate leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, and we have designed a series of courses for the specific purpose of initiating students into the international community. The Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program develops students' teamwork and problem-solving skills while instigating the ability to demonstrate personal aptitudes for any field or business beyond graduation. The university also encourages students to engage in social services, to participate actively in regional communities, and to interact with the local people and tend to their needs. The student community service teams that set out during summer and winter vacations are veritable testaments to our humanitarian undertakings. I hope every single NTU student is able to give back to society and contribute to the progression and prosperity of the nation. NTU’s endeavor beyond the campus is further reflected in the launch of 16 new online interactive courses on Coursera. According to the most recent Coursera statistics, the world’s four most popular Chinese-language courses are offered by NTU.

Only by creating a friendly environment conducive to learning, research, and progress will the university be able to raise fundamentally its competitiveness across the board; and, in turn, set the bar for higher education in Taiwan. This is why the university constantly seeks to renovate and refresh its services and facilities. Whether its the seventh-generation university affairs information system and service platform, the campus-wide installation of high-speed 802.11n wireless Internet base stations, or the heterogeneous computing cluster that supports massive data applications, our improvements ensure NTU's hardware and equipment stay on the cutting edge of technology. However, what matters even more is our human-centric attitude in providing academic and administrative services. Such attitude is indispensable in sustaining an amicable work environment and an affectionate learning atmosphere. As NTU president, I fully expect myself and the administrative staff to devote our conscientious efforts to serve NTU, and, with the concerted enterprise of all our students and faculty, to define and refine this temple of learning, research, and progress into a truly inspirational university.

Our culture is deeply steeped in the Confucian ideal of benevolent love, thus preserving the invaluable traditions of ethnic-Chinese society. With the melding of the ethos of old and the creativity of new, we enjoy the best of both worlds. As a paragon of academic eminence and culture molding, NTU draws the sharpest young minds from all over the world to come and explore aspects of ethnic-Chinese society such as politics, society, culture and psychology. Forging NTU into "the portal through which international society appreciates ethnic-Chinese culture and East Asia" continues to be the obstinate aspiration of our indefatigable pursuit.

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