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Date: 2017/06/26

A Culture Event to Delight the Senses

  • Students holding spring rolls they made in the DIY activity.

    Students holding spring rolls they made in the DIY activity.
    Image: Office of International Affairs, College of Management

  • Students practicing calligraphy together

    Students practicing calligraphy together.
    Image: Office of International Affairs, College of Management

  • Students displaying their calligraphy works

    Students displaying their calligraphy works.
    Image: Office of International Affairs, College of Management

The NTU College of Management hosted a culture event for exchange students in mid-May, featuring such activities as spring roll DIY, folk games, Chinese calligraphy bingo, and performances by the Chinese orchestra. The event was geared towards allowing international students to experience Chinese culture with all five senses.

The event kicked off with the spring roll DIY activity and an introduction to the origin of spring rolls. The NTU Buddies demonstrated how to make spring rolls by hand. International students gathered around the table to make their own, adding sprouts, meat, carrot, and peanut powder, and ate heartily. Afterwards, they were joined by local students from the NTU Chinese Orchestra to perform live music with special Chinese music instruments, such as the lute and zhongruan. The music filled the space and ended to thunderous applause. Both local and international students marveled at the performance.

Then came the folk game challenge. NTU Buddies demonstrated folk games like spinning tops, Chinese yo-yo, and Chinese shuttlecock (Jianzi), inviting international students to try them out. Yvonne demonstrated a special trick, whipping the top to keep it spinning like a pro. International students took to the new sports like a duck to water. Chinese yo-yo was the most popular among the three traditional toys. International students such as Baptiste Piraud from France, himself an experienced yo-yo user since childhood, demonstrated several difficult tricks to the amazement of all.

Calligraphy bingo turned out to be the highlight of the event. NTU Buddies presented the evolution of Chinese calligraphy and introduced some examples of calligraphy and famous calligraphers. Students learned about the four treasures of calligraphy: ink, paper, brushes, and ink stone. All watched a video on how to trace the character “永” using eight basic strokes, and international students concentrated and imitated the technique.

The event ended up with a crowd singing for Martin Habfast, another exchange student from France. Martin was celebrating his 21st birthday, and everyone sang his birthday song in Chinese, English, French, German, and even Dutch. The memories and bonds of amity forged at the event are sure to last a long time, and participants relished the opportunity to learn about some of the more interesting parts of Chinese culture.

This article was written by Lilian Lee (李莉姮), who is a student from the Department of Business Administration. Contact Office of International Affairs, College of Management for more information.

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