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Date: 2018/03/20

L.I.V.E. Event at GMBA:

Green Economy Opportunities—Scope for Taiwan
  • Group photo of the invited guests, GMBA professors, and GMBA students.

    Group photo of the invited guests, GMBA professors, and GMBA students.
    Image: Global MBA Office, College of Management, NTU

LIVE, an acronym for Leadership, Innovation, Vision and Entrepreneurship, was back and kicking at the Global MBA (GMBA) last week. It is an English-language speaker series of NTU’s GMBA program, supported by the office and organized by the program’s Student Council. The latest event, titled “Green Economy Opportunities—Scope for Taiwan,” was held on December 16th, 2017. The three invited speakers individually spoke on Leadership (Dr. Niven Huang黃正忠), Innovation (Dr. Su-Ling Fan范素玲), and Vision and Entrepreneurship (Mr. Corey Lien連庭凱).

Dr. Niven Huang, General Manager of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co. Ltd, is a pioneer in Taiwan, promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting, socially responsibility investing (SRI), corporate sustainability strategy, and carbon management. He sits on various government and corporate committees for sustainable development or green economy, and regularly presents on corporate sustainability both in Taiwan and internationally. Dr. Huang also teaches at the NCCU College of Commerce and visits the most sustainable companies in Europe every year with a group of young professionals, thereby creating an army of young sustainability advocates.

Dr. Huang’s presentation, “Locating Taiwan in the Emerging Green Economy Opportunities,” opened by emphasizing the importance of Taiwan in the future of the green economy. Though Taiwan occupies only 0.024% of the global land area, the island has over 200,000 species—around 1.5% of global species. Taiwan also has a strong petrochemical industry, despite not producing a drop of oil. The resilience of both the nation’s economy and people, particularly given Taiwan’s highly vulnerable climate, is going to be the reason why Taiwan will matter in a world moving toward a greener future. Dr. Huang sees E-Health, E-Learning, E-Works, Smart Energy, Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Smart Logistics, and Smart Manufacturing as huge opportunities for a smarter 2030. He believes education will be the key that connects venture, innovation, technology, and people.

Dr. Su-Ling Fan, the second speaker of the night, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Tamkang University and also the Director of the university’s Research Development Center of Construction Law. She is an alumna of NTU and boasts vast experience in both the policy and academic aspects of the industry. She served as the Director General for the Technology and Research Development Committee of the Construction Management Association, Republic of China and as the Secretary General for the Taiwan Construction Law Association before taking up the position at Tamkang University.

Dr. Fan presented on building information models (BIMs) and sustainability. In describing green buildings, Dr. Fan conjured the image of a flower that lives in harmony with nature while simultaneously capturing energy from the sun above and water from the ground below. She proceeded to describe the potential layout of a green building, explained how it integrates within the concept of a smart city, and finally touches on BIM and how it helps manage the entire workflow from conceptual design to detailed design, analysis, documentation, fabrication, and eventually construction of a project. Dr. Fan explained the different dimensions of BIM, elaborating on how sustainability integrates with the 6D approach for a total of 7D’s. Finally, she walked the audience through the different modelling approaches available, such as solar radiation, ventilation, temperature, and costing.

The last speaker, Mr. Corey Lien, is the Co-Founder and Chief Gardener (CEO) of DOMI Earth. He is also the Co-Founder and Vice Chairperson of both Asia-Pacific B Corporation Association (APBCA) and B Lab Taiwan.

Together with his wife Tammy, Mr. Lien launched DOMI Earth in 2014 as a way to drive collective action on climate change. The company was certified as a B Corp, becoming Taiwan’s first company to be recognized by the global community of entrepreneurs working to bring focus to the social and environmental impact of business. Lien subsequently founded the Asia-Pacific B Corporation Association (APBCA) and chartered Asia’s first B Lab for Taiwan. These organizations have worked to transform ecosystems for impact business models across the region. Lien talked at length about his individual journey as an entrepreneur, recalling how he decided to be a more socially responsible entrepreneur due to a combination of personal experience, market incentives, and regulations that have driven him and other entrepreneurs to pursue opportunities in the green economy.

The event was graced by the presence of Prof. Chialin Chen (陳家麟), Director of GMBA Program, and Associate Director Celia Yang (楊嘉嫻). Dr. Miriam Garvi, the GMBA professor who teaches courses in CSR was also present. A vote of thanks was proposed by President of the GMBA Student Council, Mr. Philip Chang (張上緒). The co-creators of this edition of LIVE Event were Annie, Winnie, Rufo, Sopheara, Belle, Christopher, Jenny, and Sergei. The event was hosted by Shyam, Executive President of the GMBA Student Council.

(Source: Shyam Shankar Ramachandran and Debbie Cheng, Global MBA Program, NTU)

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