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Date: 2018/03/28

NTU GMBA Year-End Party Brings Everyone Closer to Each Other

  • NTU GMBA students’ year-end party.

    NTU GMBA students’ year-end party.
    Image: Global MBA Office, College of Management, NTU

To build a stronger community amongst our GMBA compatriots, Tina Lai (賴筱婷) and Justin Hu (胡乃元) organized a year-end New Year’s Eve Extravaganza. The New Year’s Eve Countdown Party was hosted at Baba Kevin’s American BBQ, close enough to give everyone attending a view of Taipei 101’s famous year-end fireworks. For some students, this party was their first countdown in Taipei, and excitement ran high as time to the tower’s signature fireworks drew near.

Two other highlights were definitely the open bar and Baba Kevin’s authentic American BBQ. It was great to see a mix of students from the College of Management, including GMBA friends from multiple class years and students from EiMBA, who happily joined this event to celebrate and welcome 2018 together. Of course, our international guests were surprised by not only the fireworks but also the enthusiastic crowd gathered to celebrate.

Throughout the night and after, people raved about the amazing food and drinks that complemented the astonishing views. Most importantly, the party offered us all an opportunity for some well-deserved rest and brought our GMBA family closer together.

(Chinese text by NTU GMBA Office; English text by Tina Lai, 1st-year student of NTU GMBA Program)

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