Date: 2018/7/23

NTU Prof. Yu-Yu Cheng and Alumni Elected 2018 Academicians

Academia Sinica announced the 2018 list of Academicians on July 5 on the closing day of its biennial Convocation of Academicians (July 2-5). Among the 21 newly elected Academicians this year, seven are NTU alumni and one of the alumni, Prof. Yu-Yu Cheng (鄭毓瑜), is a faculty member of the NTU Department of Chinese Literature. Congratulations to them all!

*List of 2018 New Academicians (NTU alumni noted with the department and year of graduation):

Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (5):
Chia-Ling Chien (錢嘉陵), Pao-Kuan Wang (王寳貫; Dept. of Geography, 1971), Chien-Hong Cheng (鄭建鴻), Ting-Kuo Lee (李定國; Dept. of Physics, 1971), and An-Bang Tsai (蔡安邦)

Division of Engineering Sciences (5):
Kam W. Leong (梁錦榮), Teh Chung Ho (何德仲), Shih-Fu Chang (張世富; Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 1985), Chih-Yuan (C. Y.) Lu (盧志遠; Dept. of Physics, 1972), and Zhong Lin Wang (王中林)

Division of Life Sciences (6):
Pui-Yan Kwok (郭沛恩), Yu-li Wang (汪育理; Dept. of Physics), Ying-Hui Fu (傅嫈惠), Shyi-Dong Yeh (葉錫東), Lieping Chen (陳列平), and Bon-chu Chung (鍾邦柱; Dept. of Chemistry)

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (5):
Weiming Tu (杜維明), Dorothy Ko (高彥頤), Jackson T.-S. Sun (孫天心), Chun-fang Yu (于君方), and Yu Yu Cheng (鄭毓瑜; Dept. of Chinese Literature, 1981, 1984, 1990)

  • Photo of a Mikado pheasant. (Image: Yu-Zhen Hsieh謝郁震)

    Congratulations to Prof. Yu-Yu Cheng and alumni for being elected 2018 Academicians.

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