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NTU's Political Science Department to Begin Transnational Double Degree Program in Collaboration with the Political/Economic Academic Division of Japan's Waseda Univeristy

In order to expand the vision of its student and to enhance international academic cooperation, NTU has implemented the "Transnational Double Degree Program", based on which President Li signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Japan's Waseda University. After several discussions, both parties agreed to begin the"Transnational Double Degree Program between NTU's Political Science Department and the Political/Economic Academic Division of Waseda University."

All NTU students who are qualified for this program will graduate with a degree not only from this University, but also with a formal degree from Waseda University which is sanctioned by Japanese law. Likewise, all Waseda University students who qualify for this program will receive a degree from NTU which is approved by the law of the Republic of China. Students who participate in this program need only pay the tuition and incidental expenses required by the school of his/her enrollment, without having to pay the tuition and incidental expenses required by the overseas university. They will need, however, to pay extra for the courses outside the program.

While this program is being implemented, the Political/Economic Division of Waseda University will accept NTU students in April every year, and the Political Science Department of NTU will accept students from Waseda University in September. To get a bachelor's degree from the partner university, a student will have to accomplish at least 60 credits within a year and a half (three semesters), with no more than 24 credits per semester. No temporary suspension of schooling or extension of the statute of limitations will be allowed .

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