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Students Need to Renew Their Easy Card Settings for Parking at the Garages at Gongguan and Hsin-sheng South Road

In order to facilitate the processing of students’ parking permit applications (including Division of Continuing Education and EMBA students), students who hold Easy Cards are urged to renew their settings for the parking lots at Gongguan and Hsin-sheng South Road in accordance with the regulations.

Because of the coming winter vacation and the Spring Break holidays, the processing dates will have to be moved up to the period beginning from December 1st, 2006. Yet, in view of the necessity to comply with the setting system of the Easy Card issued by Taipei Smart Card Corporation, new settings for the Easy Cards for the second semester of 2006 (from March 1st to September 30th of 2007) can begin only from February 1st.

Therefore, students who possess first semester parking permits for the Gongguan parking lot can have their Easy Card settings renewed while they apply for a new permit. And students who do not have first semester parking permits will be deemed as new applicants. They are required to go to the Administrative Affairs Office from February 23rd to March 1st to have their Easy Card settings made The setting operation for Easy Cards for the Hsin-sheng South Road parking lot follows the same rules as those for the Gongguan parking lot, applicants are advised to go to the caretaker’s office in the basement of the parking lot to have their Easy Cards settings done during the officially promulgated time span.

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