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Fourth Batch of Peinan Historic Relics Smoothly Handed Over to National Museum of Prehistory by NTU’s Anthropology Department

The fourth batch of Peinan historic relics, which have been placed under custody of NTU’s Anthropology Department for many years, were smoothy handed over to the National Museum of Prehistory on December 29th at 8:30 a.m.

Prefessor Fu Li-chen (傅立成), Secretary General of NTU’s Administration , presided over the hand-over ceremony. Delegates from the National Museum of Prehistory, the Ministry of Education, and NTU’s Anthropology Department bore witness to the ceremony. The relics were duly counted piece by piece, signed and sealed by delegates from the three parties, and escorted by police vehicles from Taipei City, Taipei County, and Taitung County back to the National Museum of Prehistoy in Taitung, and arrived there safely at night.

Contents of Peinan historical relics handed over to the National Museum of Prehistory are mostly pottery and ceramics pieces excavated from the Peinan remains years ago which include: 108 specimens of utensils, and 36 cases of pottery, stone, and research miscellaneity. The National Museum of Prehistory also received important specimens from Peinan ruins including: ear rings, spearheads, pierced ear ornaments, slate bracelets, pottery containers, bell-shaped bracelets, bell-shaped jade pearls, pendants, pieces of jade waste, adzes and chisels, tubular jade pearls and an assortment of jade pieces which amounts to 1973 pieces in total. Aside from the 36 cases handed over to the National Museum of Prehistory on that day, there are over 1000 pieces of jade and stone preserved in the Anthropology Department. These will have to be properly packaged before returning them back to the Museum. of Prehistory in April.

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