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Semester End Bicycling Safety Carnival Launched on January 5th

For the purposes of maintaining traffic order on campus, and heightening students’ awareness of bicycling safety, the Student Union, in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Office of Dean of Student Affairs’ Life Counseling Division, jointly held the “Semester End Bicycling Safety Carnival” on January 5th, whose main thrusts included free checkups for bicycle owners and a prized quiz related to the flash lamps of bicycles.

The event took place at Lu-ming Plaza from noon to 2 p.m. Professor Liu-ting(劉霆) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering led students to offer checkups to bicycles owners, replacing parts and doing repairs free of charge. In addition, a prized quiz on flash lamps was conducted, alerting bicycle owners to safety issues. As transportation order is an important issue related to personal safety and the beautification of campus, all members of NTU are urged to come forward with their valuable opinions, working together to improve the environmental quality of the school.

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