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NTU Professors Win the 2nd Yung Hsin Group’s Li Tien-De MedicinalTechnology Awards in Several Categories

In order to encourage citizens to engage in medicinal R&D work, the corporate foundation of the Yung Hsin Group (a pharmaceutical company) set up the “Li Tien-de Medicinal Technology Awards” for candidates who make the greatest contributions to medicinal research. Prizes are awarded in the following categories: Outstanding Medicinal Technology Award (over NT$1 million per recipient), Outstanding Thesis Award (NT $200,000 per recipient), and Academic Stipend for Young Scientists (NT$ 600,000 per recipient).

The Review Committee announced the results of the 2nd Li Tien-de Medicinal Technology Awards in December 2006. Of the winners, NTU’s professors showed great strength by their number and their prizes, including Professor Chern Ji-Wang(Outstanding Medicinal Technology Award); and NTU excellent students Chou Wei-Chun, Huang Kai-Fa , Liu Ya-wen and Lu Chun-Ping(Outstanding Thesis Awards).

The Awards are expected to elevate the research standards of Taiwan’s medicinal technology and Taiwan’s ranking in the international pharmaceutical society.

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