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Taiwan's First University Course on Live TV Weather Broadcasting to be Launched by NTU Next Semester

With the trend toward refined departmentalization in the field of science and technology, weather reporting has become an important filed in atmospheric sciences, and also an indispensable unit of TV newscasts. How to use simple and concise language in combination with digital technology to interpret fickle weather conditions and the abstruse meteorological chart so that any audience can understand has become a very demanding challenge for journalism schools. In view of this, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, in collaboration with the Multi-media Center and the Graduate School of Journalism, is ready to launch a course on the practicalities of producing a TV weather report program. This course will be the first of its kind in Taiwan, having to combine both the theories and practices of natural and social sciences.

With the full support of President Li Si-chen and Dean of Academic Affairs Mr. Chiang, the Multimedia Center has been able to set up a brand new digital TV studio with accompanying post-production equipments. In addition, the Center utilizes phased-out apparatuses to assemble an EFP (Electronic Field Production) unit capable of carrying out SNG (satellite news gathering) functions. This makes NTU the first educational institute in Taiwan with an OB van equipped with EFP, symbolizing a combination of world-leading concepts and technologies.

Therefore, in the future NTU faculty and students will be able to watch live weather report and real-time broadcast of important ceremonies on campus television.

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