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Nine NTU Faculty Won National Science Council's Outstanding Research Awards for 2006

The Tea Party in honor of NTU's former President Dr. Chen Wei-zhao's retirement was held in conjunction with his new books announcement ceremony at 2:40 p.m. on January 27th in the International Conference Room of the Main Library. Over 200 distinguished guests, faculty and students attended the occasion, and recaptured the highlights of the twelve glorious years during his tenure. The gathering was one of tremendous sharing of warmth and emotions.

Ex-president Dr. Chen Wei-zhao assumed the office of the President of NTU in 1993. He was the first university president in Taiwan elected to office through a democratic process. Since then, he devoted himself to university management for twelve long years in full compliance with the long standing academic tradition of NTU, and accompanied NTU to stride across the turn of the century. As a medical doctor, a scholar, and a university president, Dr. Chen was able to observe many educational phenomena first hand, and had deep personal insights toward issues such as the prevailing conditions of the medical environments of Taiwan, the shifting of the academic environments, the dilemma and prospect of higher education in Taiwan, etc.

As the season heralds in the early Spring of 2007, the three books published by NTU University Press, i.e., “NTU's Vision in the New Century,” “Dilemma and Cure of Taiwan's Higher Education, ” “What I See and What I Think”, which expounded Dr. Chen's development concept for NTU, had significance in that these three books are replete with historical memoirs at the turn of the century, and Dr. Chen's personal foresights which provide food for thought to anyone concerned about NTU's future. Anyone interested in the books may call NTU University Press at 02-3366-3260, or fax 0202363-6905. Contact person: Miss Wang, e-mail: http://www.ntu.edu.tw ; Telex: ntuprs@ntu.edu.tw .

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