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NTU’s 2007 “Azalea Festival” and “Academic Departments Expo”To Take Place from March 17th-18th

The 2007 NTU Azalea Festival is scheduled to start its events in the month of March. Along with the Festival, the Academic Departments Expo is also scheduled to take place from March 17 th -19 th . The venue for the Expo is the Sports Center . All academic departments, in addition to participating in the Expo which shall take place from March 17th-18th , are urged to stage other types of colorful activities on their own in the month of March (especially on Saturdays and Sundays) so as to demonstrate that National Taiwan University abounds with both scientific and humanities spirit and talent, while sharing with all walks of society the beauty of NTU's azalea flowers.

The opening ceremony for the Azalea Festival will take place in the morning of March 4 th (Sunday), whereas the Expo, Joint Exhibition and Performance of Student Clubs and the Open House of All Halls and Galleries will be held from March 17 th(Saturday); to 18 th (Sunday) . On top of all these, on the remaining Saturdays and Sundays in March, the University shall arrange artistic activities, flower viewing, campus tour, guided farm visits and open house for all halls and galleries (including the Gallery of University History, the Main Library, the Agricultural Exhibition Hall, and the Animal Specimens Exhibit Room), as a gesture to welcome high school students and guests from all walks of society to visit.

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