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National Taiwan University Press Cooperating with Google Book Search to Promote Book Sales in the Digital Era

National Taiwan University Press has signed a contract with Google. Google Book Search will soon provide users with the service to search for books published by National Taiwan University Press.

Google Book Search is platform for quick search of books in publication. Google has cooperated with thousands of publishing houses worldwide and collected the lists of their published books which are stored in Google Search’s database. . By using the keyword search method, users are allowed to find the books they are looking for in a speedy manner. And when users want to search for related publications, they are allowed to preview the pictures and synopses of the related publications to get a pretty good idea of their contents. Since there is a limitation to the number of pages in the preview, the users are not allowed to read the full texts. In this way the contents of the publications are protected, and the users are provided with incentives to make purchase. Google Book Search supplies the necessary purchasing information to benefit both readers and publishing houses.

In order to augment the visibility and name recognition of National Taiwan University Press, to expand into the global market, allowing people all over the world an easy way to get in touch with its premiere publications, the University Press decides to join Google Book Search, thorough whose global platform users can easily access the publications of NTU. Aside from the effects of promotion, the University Press also increases its opportunities to reach new clients. This initiative is expected to usher in a bright future for book sales in the digital era.

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