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NTU Won the First EMBA Intercollegiate Case Study Competition,
Teams Wrangled in a Gentlemanly Manner

The first EMBA Intercollegiate Case Study Competition was jointly organized by NTU’s College of Management Science and the College of Commerce of National Chengchi University. This was the first case study competition in the history of EMBA program in Taiwan. The competition was held from February 2nd to 4th, lasting three days and two nights.

The cases were recommended by Harvard Business School. Competition was divided into two stages: the preliminaries and the finals. The same cases were used in both. Judges were composed of academics and representatives from various enterprises who adopted strict professional standards to evaluate the participating teams.

The competition procedure emphasized the spirit of a “gentlemen’s contest.” That there was to be “cooperation among competition.” On February 3rd, the night of the finals, NTU’s “Good Head, Strong Head” Team won the first place, and NTU’s “Innovation” Team won the fourth place. The design of the championship trophy was an imitation of the ancient tripod drinking vessel called “ding”, symbolizing that all participating teams had the ambition to vie for the championship like the heroes in ancient history. In tandem with the spirit of a “gentlemen’s contest,” which by definition is imbued with magnanimous attitude, the competition also indicated that true gentleman’s talent is not confined to only one thing. In registering for the competition, all participating teams had designated certain public interests groups as objects of donation. They had vowed to donate their prize money to charity uses in order to underline their belief in serving people and contributing to society. Academic excellence, fair competition, and service to the public cause can be said to be the three core spirits of this competition.

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