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Bell Tower’s Surrounding Landscape To Improve

In 1951, the University commissioned the Combined Logistics Command to build the Fu Memorial Bell Tower in front of the Administration Building, at a spot adjacent to the Palm Tree Boulevard. The Bell Tower was built for the purpose of commemorating the late President Fu Ssu Nien’s contributions to the University. Since then, the Fu Bell tower has become a spiritual symbol of National Taiwan University, and also its most conspicuous landmark in the center of the main campus.

In order to improve the overall landscape of the Fu Bell Tower, the Division of General Services, under the guidance of Professor Emeritus Y. D. Kang (康有德) of the Department of Horticulture, plans to undertake a 2-3 year pruning and alignment program, progressively adjusting the shape and size of the four cypress trees, making a more evenly balanced visual ratio between the tower and trees. In addition, the nocturnal illumination around the tower will be improved as well. Instructor Liu Chuan-fu(劉權富) of the Theatre Department, will assist in the lighting design, to reduce the lighting intensity at night, and to eliminate the glare, making the view and the coloration of the Fu Bell Tower more distinct at night. Should you have any suggestions concerning the improvement of the surrounding landscapes of the Fu Bell Tower, you are welcome to contact Miss Tsai at the secretariat’s office of the Division of General Services. TEL: 3366-2231, or log onto purplemartin@ntu.edu.tw .

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