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Appreciate the Beauty of the Peach Blossom Corridor and an Array of Tropical Flowers—NTU’s Highlands Experimental Farm to launch “2007 Plum Peak Peach Blossom Affinity” Program Series Soon

Well, it’s springtime again, and with warm weather in the air and blossoming flowers everywhere, the Highland Experimental Farm of NTU is ready to launch its annual “Plum Peak and Peach Blossom Affinity” program series. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Experimental Farm, and with the Azalea Festival in full swing on the main campus, this year’s “Plum Peak and Peach Blossom Affinity” program series will bear more significance than before.

This year’s program series were kicked off on March 16th (Friday) by festivity events. In addition to a celebration tea party, the Experimental Farm also held an announcement ceremony of new books in publication, and a screening preview of a film about the farm which is in process and expected to be completed at the end of the year. What follows is the “Plum Peak and Peach Blossom Affinity” program which will take place from March 19th—25th. In accordance with the model of previous years, fixed spot guided tours will be provided to tourists. The general public need only purchase admission tickets at the gate to participate in the program (ticket price: NT. 200 per person). NTU faculty and students will be admitted free of charge upon presentation of their credentials.

Contact person: Miss Chen Yu-tsen
Farm Website: http://mf.ntu.edu.tw
TEL: (049)2803148--202

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