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Mr. Sun Yun-suan’s Memorial Lecture Series on Management—
LinHwai-ming: Liberation of the Body:
From the White Snake to the Free-flowingTrilogy

Mr.Sun Yun-suan’s Memorial lecture series on Management invited Mr. Lin Hwai-min to speak on “Liberation of the Body—From White Snake to the Free-Flowing Trilogy.” The event was held on March 15th from 12:20 p.m. to 14:00 p.m. at the International Conference Room of Building No. 1 of the College of Management. The lecture series was organized by the graduate schools of the College of Commerce, and co-organized by the Hsu Y. Z. (徐元智) Memorial Fund of the Far Eastern Enterprise Group and the Cultural/Educational Foundation of the Cathay Construction Group, with a view toward cultivating leaders of the new century who have concerns for the welfare of the nation and the society. It is hoped that, through the sharing and exploration of the successful experiences of trailblazers in different areas, students who attend these lectures will be able to exploit their own potentials, widen their vision, and make contributions to the developments of the nation. Lin Hwai-ming was hailed by Time magazine as “Asia’s Hero,” and awarded an honorary doctoral degree by NTU. As an internationally renowned choreographer, his speech “Liberation of the Body—From White Snake to the Free Flowing Trilogy”, leads us into a new vista from a cultural and artistic perspective.


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