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New Initiatives in Taiwan/Japan Relations Research—
Symposiums Discussed Bilateral Interactivity and Influence

The Taiwan Safety Research Center of the Department of Political Science will hold a symposium on Taiwan/Japan relations at 3 p.m. in the first conference room of the Institute of Social Sciences on March 22nd. Taiwan/Japan relations have seen tremendous developments in the last ten years. For the purposes of deep-rooting Taiwan/Japan relations and promoting academic exchanges between the two nations., Professor Philip Yang (楊永明) of the Political Science Department will implement an“Academic Research Program on the History of Taiwan/Japan Relations,” with three Japanese scholars who are known for their Taiwan research. This program will focus on Taiwan/Japan relations from the end of the World War II till now(1945-2006), and participants will analyze and discuss the process of bilateral interactivity and the relevant factors that influence Taiwan/Japan relations. Contact person: Miss Chen, e-mail:r94322005@ntu.edu.tw

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