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Center for Teaching and Learning Development Implements “Reading Group Plan,”Aiming to Enrich Students’ Lives through Joint Reading of Classics

NTU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Development, in an effort to encourage students to explore the enjoyment of study, specifically promotes the “reading group plan.” Effective immediately, this plan encourages students to set up study teams so that they can make friends through reading books together. In the Center’s concept, students can stimulate creative ideas, experience the pleasure of study, and establish professional learning communities through joint reading, thinking, and discussion.

Student groups ranging from 6 to 12 people, can form a reading group on their own and apply to the Center for Teaching and Learning Development for registration. Their study plan should focus on reading Chinese and foreign classics, books authored by contemporary masters, and advanced materials in professional disciplines. The implementation dates for the reading group plan starts from the date the final exam ends (June 26th) till the date the next semester starts (September 17th). Students who wish to apply must register before May 11th and submit their study plan. The study plan can be downloaded from http://ctld.ntu.edu.tw/newsDetails.php?nId=145, and the review committee will announce the results of their selection on May 31st.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Development will provide tutorship, coordination, and administrative resources (such as photocopying, venue, etc.) to the reading groups. At the end of the implementation period, the Center will award certificates of merit to the reading groups with the best performances. For detailed information on the reading group plan, please consult the brochure “Key Points on the Promotion of Reading Group Plans” published by the Center for Teaching and Learning Development under the Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs. Any questions should be addressed to the Office for the Promotion of Study(TEL: 3366-5701) or e-mail to: chiaminliu@ntu.edu.tw

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