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Legislative Yuan's Education and Culture Committee Came to NTU to Inspect the Progress of the "En Route to a First Class University" Project

The Legislative Yuan's Education and Culture Committee, led by its chairperson Lee Ching-an, arrived at NTU's main campus for the first time on April 9th to inspect the status quo of the "En Route to a First Class University Project."

President Li Si-Chen, in meeting with the delegation, noted that the key strategies for implementation of the project in 2007 included: improvement of teaching related measures, improvement of the human resources structures, improvement of the infrastructure of the university, overall upgrading of the academic areas, pursuing excellence in key areas of advantage (integrating the top talents from Academia Sinica to develop key areas of advantage), promoting internationalization of academic research, encouraging far-sighted cooperation with the industry, streamlining the administrative procedures for personnel hiring and budget allocation, and working with 12 research-type universities to develop related measures for experience sharing and promotion of program results, and above all, winning society's recognition of the project.

President Li Si-chen also pointed out that, the emphasis of the project was to achieve NTU's mission, vision and goal, providing faculty and students with first class environments for study and innovation with the purpose to cultivate elites of society, and to enhance Taiwan's academic standard, assist national development, and solve the problem of mankind's continued development He said that NTU's vision was to become the best university for the Chinese people and also one of the top universities in the world. In conclusion, President Li said NTU's goal is to develop 10 to 15 areas to become the world's best in five years and to become one of the top 100 universities in the world in 5 to 10 years.

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