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NTU's "Stray Bird Experience Camp" to Begin Activities Soon, Students Are Welcome to Register

The Stray Bird Movement" was launched by a bunch of German youth at the end of the 19th century. Its purpose then was to learn the spirit of the migratory birds, to cultivate the ability to survive in nature, and to train young people to face adversity without fear and trepidation. Inspired by The Stray Bird Movement, The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan implemented the "Stray Bird" Program in 2006, providing national youth opportunities to go to farms, fishermen's villages and mountain forests to experience the livelihood of a stray bird. Since the program greatly enhanced young people's identification with domestic farming, it received enthusiastic response from the public. Therefore, the Council of Agriculture moves one step forward to launch the "University Stray Bird Experience Camp" in 2007.

NTU's "Stray Bird Experience Camp" was planned and executed by the College of Bio-resources and Agriculture. This year the Camp will process two batches of applicants. The first batch's activities will commence from July 11th and last till July 13th, whereas the second batch's activities will start from July 31st and last till August 2nd. The Camp's primary targets will be students (including the graduating class of 2007) who have not participated in the Camp activities before. The Camp's major activities will be based on the achievements of the organic farms that are under guidance from the Council of Agriculture and the results of the "Agriculture Cultural Implementation Plan." Students who register for the Camp will get to experience the Blue Dying Festival, the organic vegetable farms, the Lotus Farm, the organic rice fields, the preparation of food in an agricultural family, etc. and they will also get the opportunity to stay at a three-wing farmer's house in the township of Yuan-li. In addition to personally experiencing the special features of agriculture in the Northern Part of Taiwan, students will also witness the passing on of heritage in agricultural communities with their own eyes, and be inspired by the lessons of sustained development in agricultural Taiwan. Brochures and registration information are already posted in the official website of the College of Bio-resources and Agriculture. Simply log onto: http://bioagri.ecaa.ntu.edu.tw/

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