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On Line Courses for General Chemistry Now Offered to Expand Your Vista of Life And Ignite your Passion for Chemistry

The On-line course on General Chemistry, organized by the Division of Continuing Education of NTU, will be taught in person by Professor Shie-Ming Peng and others from the Chemistry Department, providing high-quality distance learning to interested students. The students of the course will also receive advisory service from professional teaching assistants, and the level of the course will be tantamount to "General Chemisty B."

The students who are currently enrolled in the internet chemistry course Include students form Jian Kuo High School, university students and the general public who are interested about chemistry. Partial content of the course is similar to the chemistry courses taught in high school, plus many topics untouched upon in high school chemistry courses such as quantum energy levels, hydrodynamics, and crystal field theory.

This e-learning course will take 7 months to complete. The method of learning is to use the NTU Digital learning Network, which, established by the Distance Teaching Team of the Division of Continuing Education, provides instant and interactive learning to allow students to learn over the internet anywhere, anytime, making better use of their spare times.

Target students for the course are: university students, high school enrolled students, and the general public with high school credentials. Anyone who are interested in general chemistry can apply to register for the course. Students who enroll for the course are entitled to the faculty resources at Master’s level from NTU. Enrollment procedures start immediately till June 8th. For free trials please log onto: http://ntu.elearn.hinet.net. For detailed information and registration please call: (02) 33665556.

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