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NTU’s American Alumnus Li Hua-lin(李華林) Donates U.S. $320,000 to Gallery of University History’s Special Exhibition Hall, and to the Main Library’s Humanities Archives

Mr. Li Hua-lin, a NTU alumnus residing in the U.S., donates U.S. $320,000 to his almamater to help finance the Gallery of University History’s Special Exhibition Hall and Main Library’s Humanities Archives. The signing ceremony for the donation was held on April 24th in the 2nd Conference Room. Mr. Li Hua-lin graduated from the School of Pharmacy in 1957 and is now resideng in Northern California. He heads the “Stream Flow Foundation”, whose purpose is to safeguard and promote traditional Taiwanese culture. In the past he has made many donations to the School of Pharmacy.

To express its gratitude toward Mr. Li, NTU decides to name the Special Exhibition Hall of the Gallery of University History the “Stream Flow Hall,” in that the name not only corresponds to Mr. Li’s Foundation, but also bears the meaning of “the flow of the stream never ends.” To demonstrate the importance of this donation, Mr. Li Hua-lin accepted President Li Si-chen invitation to come back to Taiwan University to participate in the signing ceremony. NTU plans to launch a special university history exhibition in the new Exhibition Hall on November 15th as part of the anniversary celebration, and the new Humanities archive will also be open for service on that special occasion.

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