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NTU's Athletic Teams Win The Greatest Number of Medals in Men B And Women B Competitions in the National College and University Sports Meet

The "2007 National College and University Sports Meet" officially opened for competition in the Panchiao Stadium on May 4th. In a five-day agenda NTU's athletic teams participated in 9 categories which included track and field, swimming, table tennis, tennis, badminton, taekwondo, judo, archery, and golf. With the joint effort of the team members, NTU won championships in swimming, table tennis, men B and women B groups in archery, men's group in tennis, and women's group in judo. Altogether, NTU's teams won 24 gold medals, 23 silver medals, and 19 bronze medals, and were awarded trophies in 132 categories. Not only did NTU break the games' 8 previous records, it was also awarded the highest honor of conference championships in men B and women B competitions.

NTU's women's teams have won four conference championships in a row starting from 2003, therefore they were the center of attention during the games. Aside from the stunning performances of the type B athletes, type Aathletes also did well, as evidenced by their winning the fifth place in men's groups in swimming, 2nd place in women's groups in swimming, and 6th place in women's groups in tennis.

The Athletic Department of NTU said that the outstanding achievements of the athletes are attributable to their passion for sports (they devoted their after school hours to training) and their spirit of perseverance, which are worthy of encouragement and support from the faculty and students. The Department hopes that NTU will achieve even greater progress in sports in the future, owing to the influence of the good performance record during the national games. In addition to attributing the school glory to the athlete's diligence and hard work, the Athletic Department has decided to put the trophies and winning records on display in the hall of the Sports Complex, so that all faculty and students can share the joy of winning, and applaud the athletes who have performed so well.

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