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Departments and Graduate Institutes Announce Time and Place For the Tassel Flipping Ceremony during Graduation Convocation

The graduation convocation for academic year 2006 has been set for the morning of June 2nd, and the venue is the new Sports Center. Invitation letters were sent out to parents of the graduating class on May 11th, and students are welcome to invite their friends and relatives to share the joy of their growing up. In addition, some departments and graduate institutes will hold separate tassel flipping ceremonies for their graduating students.

The time slots and venues are included in the attached chart. At each year's graduation convocation the valedictorian's speech invariably stirs up memories and emotions among the graduates. For this year's convocation, in addition to the valedictorian speech, a representative from the body of foreign students will also give a speech of appreciation in Chinese which is expected to arouse special feelings from the foreign students who are away from home and studying in Taiwan.

Starting from academic year 2006, The Gallery of University History will promote an event called "leave a graduation message, to be savored in a hundred years". This event is geared toward the graduating class, allowing the graduating students to leave a personal message on the eve of their graduation so that they can savor their youthful sentiments in the future. The guidelines for this event are as follows: Place: Gallery of University History (second floor of the main library); Participants: current graduating class (please bring your student ID for verification); Period: from June 1st to June 30th, the Gallery is closed every Tuesday, and the opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Language Qualifications: the message should not be longer than 50 words (all national languages are acceptable). Person who leaves the message should put down their true names and the departments or graduate institutes in which they are studying. The contents of the message should not involve libeling or encroaching upon other people's privacy, and no foul language or abusive words should be used. For other related information concerning the graduation convocation, please log onto: http://career.ntu.edu.tw, or call the graduation advisory council of the Dean's Office of Student Affairs at 3366-2046.

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