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Northern California Alumni Miss Yu Shun-hwa and Miss Zheng Fu-mei Make Contributions to Establish the NTU Humanities Archives

Two NTU Alumni who reside in the Unites States make donations to set up the Humanities Archives. Miss Yu Shun-hwa(余舜華) and Miss Zheng Fu-mei(鄭富美) paid a visit to NTU on May 22rd to make the contributions. Miss Yu Shun-hwa (who graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry in 1959) donated U.S. $10,000 and N.T. 270,000, whereas Miss Zheng Fu-mei(who graduated from the Department of Nursing in 1964) donated N.T. $600,000. Both donations are for the explicit purposes of establishing the NTU Humanities Archives.

The NTU Humanities Archives will collect all the published works of incumbent and past staff/faculty/students and alumni, including translations and editorial works. The index of all works in the collection will be put onto the library website for open access. The Archives will be situated on the third floor of the main library and is expected to officially open for operation on the day of the university anniversary, 2007. The Main Library wants to express its gratitude to NTU staff, faculty, students and alumni for their enthusiastic involvement in the project, and expects more active participation from them so that their published works will accompany NTU en route to becoming a university of excellence.

On the day of the Expo two symposiums will be held. Six outstanding alumni who graduated from marine engineering, accounting, political science/economics, social sciences, environmental engineering, and chemical engineering departments will be invited to come back to school to share their success stories with the graduating students. In addition, there will be career path lectures, corporate introductions and corporate visit tours, providing graduating students and alumni with multiple information on employment.

Website of NTU’s Humanities Archives:http://www.lib.ntu.edu.tw/NTUCollections/index.htm
Contact Person: Miss Wang
Tel: 33662295

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