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Thirty-Year Anniversary Celebrations of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering to be Held on an Expanded Scale on June 29th, and 30th

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering will hold thirty year anniversary celebration activities on an expanded scale on June 29th and June 30th. In a two day celebration period, the Department will invite alumni from all walks of society to return to their old school for a homecoming visit. In addition, the Department will also open its facilities to the public, hold a display of research achievements, an exhibit of winning works by faculty and students in various competitions, and a trade show of IT products provided by sponsors and alumni. Everyone is welcome to attend.

After the invited guests make their speeches, the newly appointed CEO of the Institute for Information Industry, Dr. Ming-Syan Chen, will deliver a keynote speech on "Retrospect and Prospect of the Information Industry", thus starting the series of celebration activities. Professors of the department will then introduce many innovative research achievements. In the afternoon, alumni will be invited to have two panel discussions with faculty and students, sharing their experiences while passing on their heritage. In the evening there will be a a get-together for all students, faculty and alumni.

The second day's activities will start with Cyberlink Corporation Chairman Dr. Jau Huang's speech on "The Development of Software Industry: Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan", in which video conferences will be held with alumni located in the Bay area of California, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc., followed by former heads of the Department conducting on-line conversations with alumni. In the afternoon, the Department Hall and various laboratories will be open to the public , and various research achievements will be put on display. Following these will be a seminar on "Trends in the Information Industry and the Joys and Sorrows of Starting Your Own Business."

For details of the activities please consult: http://alumni.csie.ntu.edu.tw/main.php

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