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The Tenth NTU Literary Awards Holds Ceremony; President Si-chen Li Affirms the Importance of Literature

The prize presentation ceremony for the Tenth NTU Literary Awards was smoothly held in the Conference Room of the College of Liberal Arts on June 15th. President of the University Dr. Si-chen Li was present at the scene to provide encouragement to the aspiring young writers.

In his speech, President Li pointed out that literary masterpieces were immortal cultural treasures, and in this respect literary awards play a pivotal role in cultivating a new generation of campus writers.NTU's Literary Awards now reaches its 10th year; it is truly a pity that the Awards have not been run on a consecutive basis, but in the future the university shall dedicate itself to promoting this activity, staging the event every year so as to encourage more young creators to participate, he said.

In delivering his speech, a representative of the judges, Dr. Chi-peng Ho, mentioned That past winners of NTU's Literary Awards are now still prominent in literary circles such as Shih-ying Chu(褚士瑩), and the Science Fiction Award, co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Engineering, also showed very good results. President Li also mentioned that one of the winners of the Science Fiction Award, Mr. Lee-hua Yeh continued to write and promote the Science Fiction Award; he urged the new winners to keep on writing for the purposes of occupying a position in literary history, and showing their concerns for society.

This year's participation scope for the Literary Awards was wide and varied.In addition to the College of Liberal Arts, students' performance from other disciplines were also very remarkable, providing ample proof of the striking achievements of the humanity education of NTU, while evidencing the diversified, well-rounded development of NTU students.

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