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Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary, Reaping the Fruits from the Tree of Knowledge Which It Planted Twenty Years Ago

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development of NTU invited its previous Managing directors, alumni who work for government agencies and various industries, and representatives from counterparts of other universities to get together for a joint ceremony. Co-hosted by President Si-chen Li and the current managing director Dr. Chan- JaneLin, the Division is urged to make greater contribution to NTU's Continuing Education in the next twenty years.

During the past two decades, many elites from the government agencies, industries, and private sectors have experienced their unforgettable learning journey in the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development of NTU and have applied their acquired knowledge fully to their work and living. Secretary General of the Executive Yuan, Mr. Chin-jun Chen, was one of them. Attending the anniversary celebration, Mr. Chen said that while he was serving as the mayor of San-chong City, for three consecutive years he spent every weekend at the Division of Continuing Education, and altogether he invested a total of 720 hours to accomplish 40 credits. A process, which, according to him, though most painstaking, was very rewarding at the end.

President Li points out that in this modern day and age, having high academic credentials is no longer an absolute advantage. Whensociety abounds with people with high academic credentials, the key to winning lies not in what degrees one holds, but in whether one maintains a humble heart and an attitude toward acquiring new knowledge and improving one's learning skills. For her part the Managing Director of the Division Dr. Chan-Jane Lin indicates that the Division must expand its operations by adopting new modes ofthinking. In the future the Division will adopt new, service--oriented innovative strategies in line with the entrepreneurial spirit, pursuing professionalism in every field while insisting on quality control.

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