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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering's Thirtieth Year Anniversary Celebration Reaped a Bountiful Harvest in Research Achievements

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering held its thirtieth year anniversary celebrations from June 29th to 30th. Activity highlights included several special topic lectures and panel discussions, announcement of research achievements, exhibits from industries and laboratory tours. In the aspect of research achievements, chroMirror, PAL 2 big-eyed robots, and PAL1 wheelchair robots attracted universal attention owing to their ingenious design.

Among these, PAL 1 uses low-priced electrical wheelchair, various sensors, a motor-driven controller and two personal computers to construct a multifunctional all purpose robot, which, compared with the expensive robot design available today, is much more cost efficient. PAL 2 is distinguished by its well-designed built-in emotional expression system. It can display different emotions through body language, facial expressions, voice fluctuations, etc., allowing human operators to better interact with the robot. Lastly, chroMirror uses a camera to capture instant dynamic images, and changes the colors of the clothing, trousers, accessories etc., at will, making the reflection of a person in the mirror look like as if one were wearing a new suit of clothes in harmonious colors, thus creating the illusion of one looking at a magic mirror. By using the chron-mirror, people can enjoy the fun of wearing different colored clothes, and further, more diversified experiments are also allowable.

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