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Walk onto the Global Stage: NTU's Center for International Academic Exchanges Held Series of Workshops for the Training of International Affairs Personnel

NTU's Center for International Academic Exchanges planned a series of workshops for the international affairs personnel within the University. The workshops were held on July 10th in the first Conference Room of the First Administrative Building, with around 100 people involved with international affairs from various colleges, departments, and administrative units attending. Four hous' packed and fulfilling courses include briefing, sharing of actual experiences, field exercises, and problem discussion, etc. Participants all responded favorably to the workshops, saying the courses were an enriching experience.

In order to realize NTU's vision of becoming a university which is " top among the Chinese , and first in the world" , the Center for International Academic Exchanges has actively played a catalytic role.

For the purposes of enhancing international affairs personnel's understanding of international affairs, and encouraging administrative staff to actively participate in international affairs, the Center for International Academic Exchanges planned a series of workshops starting from 2007. The first workshop of this year centers around the theme of "internationalization of campus—starting with the reception of foreign visitors" which has three sub-themes:

  1. "NTU Marching onto the Global stage", featuring managing director of the Center for International Academic Exchanges Miss Tung Shen expounding the rationale for NTU to march toward internationalization, the achievements over the years and the prospects of the future, with a view toward bolstering the sense of mission among the working staff;
  2. "Actual Experiences in Receiving Foreign Visitors", featuring Center's senior staff Miss Sue-jean Lin and Miss Kelly Chang relating from their many years' experience the rules of engagement for the reception of foreign visitors; 3) "Protocol vs. Image", featuring image advisor Miss Bi-chun Chang relating the basic elements of protocol, and through role playing games, simulate probable situations with the trainees.

The second workshop focuses on the study of commonly used English expressions needed for receiving foreign visitors. In addition to providing appropriate courses, the Center for International Academic Exchanges will also publish brochures in English to allow the trainees to do self-study. International affairs personnel from all units are welcome to attend these workshops.

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