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NTU Establishes Taiwan's First "Clinical Animal Medicine Research Institute"Bringing the Quality and Professionalism of Veterinarian Training to a Higher Level

On August 1st, 2007, NTU established Taiwan's first domestic "Clinical Animal Science Research Institute," providing advanced in-hospital training and clinical animal science research opportunities to graduate students. In view of the global trend in animal health care, moving toward refinement and specialization, the Clinical Division of NTU's Graduate Institute of Veterinary science decided to expand its scale, and, by integrating the resources of Asia's largest veterinary science hospital—The NTU Animal Hospital--, establish a new "Clinical Animal Medicine Research Institute," starting to recruit Master's level students from 2007.

The Clinical Division of NTU's Graduate Institute of Veterinary Science started to provide Master's level training courses to sub-divisional resident doctors over eight years ago, and required these doctors to receive comprehensive sub-divisional training at animal teaching hospitals. Up to the present, 10 sub-divisional outpatient clinics have been established. These out-patient clinics not only provide practical training and clinical experiences for students, but also provided animal patients with special medical services. In essence, the establishment of sub-divisional outpatient clinics allowed most undergraduates, graduate students, and resident doctors of the Department of Veterinary Science to learn specialized clinical knowledge and techniques, thereby promoting their professionalism. In addition, the animals stricken with diseases also received better medical services.

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