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Two Major Information Research Agencies Work Hand in Hand:
NTU and III Co-establish "Head Research Center" Enhancing the Scientific and Technological Competitiveness of Taiwan

For the purposes of combining the energies of research institutes, strengthening technological cooperation, and supporting industry development, NTU and the Institute for Information Industry (III) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today, in which both parties agreed to co-establish a "Head Research Center" within the NTU campus, in the hopes of promoting long term cooperation between NTU and III, implementing research projects, and upgrading the communication industry of Taiwan.

In signing the Memorandum, Chairman of Institute for Information Industry Mr. Jing-shown Wu pointed out that, with the advent of globalization and knowledge-type economy, promoting the innovation and application of information technology has become an important benchmark for the development of such an industry. NTU has the top-notch academic research talents, whereas III has the core technology for software development, and the best interactivity with the industry.

Putting the research achievements and the rich resources of NTU to good use, and implementing them in industry and society, will be the significance of co-establishing the Head Research Center.

In his turn, the CEO of III, Dr. Ming-syan Chen indicated that, III has already initiated long term cooperation projects with NTU's professors in specific key areas of information science such as mobile broad-band, wireless detection network and web-tv.

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