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NTU Team Won First Place in the First Franco Blue Porcelain Design and Marketing Contest; Will Represent Taiwan to Participate in the Masion & Objet Exhibition in Paris

The results of the "2007 Franco Blue Porcelain Design and Marketing Contest" are out!! NTU's team wins the championship prize, and will Represent Taiwan to participate in the Maison & Objet Exhibition to be Held in Paris.

NTU's Bravo Team, comprised of students Chun-ding Chen(陳俊錠), Ju-chung Guan(關如純) of the Department of Business Administration, Tsang-ju Syan(謝燦如)of the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature, and industry Designer Wen-yi Ray(雷文儀) won the double first prize in the 1st Franco blue porcelain Design and Marketing Contest. Their winning works drew inspiration from Chinese folk customs, one of which was entitled "when happiness shows on the tip of the eyebrows", and the other one was entitled "providing the bridal sedan chair of happiness for the cowherd and the lady weaver" (the cowherd and the lady weaver are two long separated lovers in Chinese folk tale). These two works combined Oriental images and traditional paper cutting craft, and the purpose of which was to design a set of home decoration accessories that met consumer demands through market trend analysis. Their intention was to boost the market share of Franco blue porcelain products and to increase its overall sales volume.

These two pieces of work won unanimous approval from the panel of judges. In addition, the fact that they are students in the Continuing Education Division rather than enrolled regular students and that they were able to beat competitions from many reputable universities is nothing short of amazing. As Miss Guan so said herself:" The students in the Continuing Education division have practical work experience, and in many ways they possess more competing power and creativity than the regular students enrolled in day school. "

Contest website: http://www.ccia.org.tw/dc/

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