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The One and Only in Asia Pacific Region: NTU's Institute of Information Management Doctoral Student Zhang Bo-Hao Wins ISC International Information Security Research Scholarship in Two Consecutive Years

NTU's Doctoral Student Zhang Bo-Hao (臧柏皓) was awarded ISC's (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium) International Information Security Scholarship on August 16th. Of the eight winners in the world, he was the only one from Taiwan The award carries, a prize of U.S.$12500 dollars. The other winners were from well known universities in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the U.S.,U.K., and Italy.

Since Zhang Bo-hao was one of the four winners of the same scholarship last year (and the only winner from the Asia Pacific region), he has become the only person in the Asia Pacific Region who has won the scholarship in two consecutive years. This year's award ceremony is scheduled to be held in mid-November in Tokyo, whereas last year's award ceremony was held in Seoul in May.

Zhang Bo-ho now conducts doctoral research in NTU's Institute of Information Management and Network Optimization Laboratory under the guidance of Professor Yung Sung Lin. His dissertation topic is "Analyses of the Risk and Survivability of Complex Networks", which deals with the issues of network security, and explores how to allocate limited resources to enhance the survivability of networks from a manager's perspective, thereby reducing the overall risk of networking. As a student, Zhang has extensive practical experience in the information security industry, and is the only person in Taiwan to have acquired advanced information security credentials from CISSP-ESSAP and SSCP. Just recently, he was admitted into the Marquis 10th Anniversary Edition of Who's Who in Science and Engineering.

(ISC)2 is a world famous non-profit organization that provides education and accreditation services to information security professionals. Starting from 2003, ISC provides Information Security Scholarships to academic research personnel above graduate level. The purpose of ISC's scholarships is to provide economic support, to identify with outstanding research projects relating to information security that are being carried on in the world, and to encourage the professionalization of information security through education and research in accordance with ISC's mission.

ISC's official website: http://www.isc2.org
Relevant Information:https://www.isc2.org/cgi-bin/content.cgi?page=1286

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