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Taiwan's Forum on Higher Education: University Officials Offer Suggestions and Advice on the Government's Project to Develop World Class Universities and Top Research Centers

To promote the sound development of the higher education of Taiwan, and to enhance the quality of higher education, the "Strategic Alliance of the Recipients of the FiveYear 50 Billion N.T. Grant to Develop World Class Universities" met in the International Conference Room of NTU's Condensed Matter Physics Department Building on September 5th to hold a "Forum on Taiwan's Higher Education: Plans to Develop World Class Universities and Top Research Centers". The forum was presided over by President of NTU, Dr. Si-chen Li, who also served as Chairman of the 12 university Alliance.

The Forum discussed four major topics: "The Mission and Vision of Taiwan's Higher Education" "SWOT Analysis of the Status Quo of Taiwan's Higher Educaiton", "Roadmap of the Development of Higher Education in Taiwan", and "The Social Responsibility of the Universities." This Forum invited famous domestic and international scholars and specialists to serve as chairpersons and panelists. Legislators, presidents and vice presidents of the 12 member universities, their Deans of Academic Affairs and their provosts of development projects were also invited to attend. The purpose of the forum was to solicit valuable advice and suggestions through brainstorming and to provide these advice and suggestions to the government as reference in its decision making process with regard to the issues of the mission and vision of higher education, its future development, international competition and the social responsibilities of universities, etc.

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