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NTU Holds Public Forum on Global Warming and Energy Trends

When we use up all the petroleum and natural gas in the world, can biomass energy solve the problems for mankind in the future? As we enter the 21st century, we are witnessing abnormal weather caused by global warming, which brings us typhoons, floods and continuous land desertification, and over the past decades, the number of hurricanes has doubled, heat waves caused the death of 30,000 people in Europe. How do we cope with problems like these?

Using "Global Warming and Energy Trends" as its theme, the Public Forum of NTU on September 27th invited the minister of CEPD (Council for Economic Planning and Development) Miss Mei-Yuei Ho(who graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of NTU), a number of renowned domestic scholars and entrepreneurs to participate in the discussion. Professor Chien-Fu Lin talked about the phenomenon of global warming and the international trend of energy pricing changes; Mr. Hsin Chang Lu talked about the energy management experiences of various countries; Dr. Wen-yang Wang talked about the prospects for renewable energy industries; Professor Yun-peng Chu talked about energy economics and the implementation of tradable pollution rights, and Minister Mei-yueh Ho of CEPD shed some lights on Taiwan's energy policy.

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