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Taiwan's First Artificial Intelligence Robot Used for Campus Guiding Tours —NTU Robot 1 Debuts in the Freshmen Orientation Ceremony

A special feature of this year's freshmen orientation program is the debut of an artificial intelligence robot—the NTU Robot 1. Developed by the robot team led by the Secretary General of NTU, Professor Li-chen Fu, NTU Robot 1 is the first artificial intelligence robot used for campus guiding tours in Taiwan. Its debut in the orientation ceremony attracted widespread attention.

According to Professor Fu, with the development of robot technology, some art galleries and museums are already using robots to serve as tour guides. In his capacity as Professor of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he and his team has been able to develop the first artificial intelligence robot in Taiwan that is capable of conducting campus guided tours in an outdoor environment.

NTU Robot 1 carries many advanced robot technologies. Its touch screen monitor allows visitors to select their destinations at will. Its mobility relies mainly on two motor-driver wheels on its chassis. And the robot uses GPS to determine its present location. In addition, the robot uses laser range finders and ultrasound sonar system to monitor the dynamics of its surroundings, allowing the robot to proceed to its destination by the best route. There are many ways whereby the robot can interact with the visitors. Its head postures and the colors of its LED lights can show its emotional reaction. Furthermore, the robot can show video clips on its monitor screen, providing a multimedia means of interactive tour guide.

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