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Congratulations to Professor Kuang-chao Fan and Professor Yeong-Bin Yang on Their Winning the 2007 " Tsung Zhou Zang Educational Foundation's " Chair Professorships

To upgrade the standard of various engineering fields within the College of Engineering, and to encourage professors with high academic standings and excellent performance, the "Tsung Zhuo Zang Educational Foundation" specifically set up two chair professorships which carry a stipend of NT. 400,000 a year. The chair professorships are awarded on a yearly basis. At the end of every year, the winners can be recommended again for evaluation.

If a person is awarded the chair professorship for the second time, it becomes a lifelong honor for him, and he is no longer eligible for recommendation or evaluation. This year, the winners of the two chair professorships are NTU's Professor Kuang-chao Fan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Yeong-bin Yang of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Professor Kuang-chao Fan started teaching at the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 1978. Because of his dedication, he has cultivated many outstanding students. In addition to his teaching, Professor Fan also devotes himself to research and innovation. He has won the Outstanding Research Award from the National Science Council, the Teco Technology Award, the Outstanding Engineering Professor Award, etc. His research areas include micro nano coordinate measurement, development of new optical switch, automated optical inspection equipment (AOI),etc.

Professor Yeong-bin Yang received his doctorate from Cornell University in 1984, and returned to NTU to teach at the Department of Civil Engineering at the same year. Now he is a tenured professor by special appointment at NTU, and Chairman of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering. His past honors include being nominated as foreign academician of the Austrian Academy of Science, Fellow of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), and Chair Professor of the "Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholars." All NTU faculty and students share the glory and honor of these two professors' winning the "Tsung Zhuo Zhan Educational Foundation's" chair professorships!!

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