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The 2nd NTU New Teachers' Study Camp Came to a Satisfactory Ending; Participants Returned from a Rewarding Journey To Chi-tou

The 2nd NTU New Teachers' Study Camp was held on September 12nd. The overall planning of this year's New Teachers' Study Camp was geared toward solving the demands and problems of the new faculty members. Aiming more precisely at addressing the issues of the variety of roles that new faculty members must play, and the challenges and expectations incumbent upon them, the Study Camp provided in-depth information and experience sharing to all participants.

Many senior professors shared their knacks with the newcomers in humorous and titillating ways, making the participants feel that they have benefited a great deal, and that the trip was extremely worthwhile. Citing her own mental transformation process from the role of an "actor" to that of a "gardener," Professor I-Wen Su of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature stressed that "teaching" and "learning" were in fact two sides of the same coin, mutually complementary to one another.

Professor Keng-chen Liang of the Department of Psychology, on the other hand, shared his teaching ideas and techniques based on his experiences from teaching "General Psychology." He maintained that undergraduate teaching was somewhat like story-telling, and the best story to date was the "Arabian Nights." He said that a good story teller must know when to end his story. In addition, Professor Liang said that a good story teller must know how to draw attention from his listeners, and let them have something to look forward to.

Commonly regarded as a "legend," Professor Wan-jiun Liao of the Department of Electrical Engineering recalled her own experiences as a student. She said that students were liable to classify their teachers into two types: the ones they liked and the ones they disliked. By studying these two types, a new teacher could learn the knacks and techniques of teaching. She urged new faculty members to understand their own strengths, combine them with their professionalism and dedication, and their teaching would surely succeed.

On top of a variety of wonderful lectures, the bingo games played during the Study Camp were hilariously popular. Whenever there was a coffee break, the teachers were busy filling out their bingo cards and trying to make new acquaintances. Boy!! The fun at the scene almost reached turmoil level. Many faculty said that they were reaping tremendous benefits form this study camp, and they were only glad that they did not ask for leave of absence on false pretexts. Since last year's New Teachers' Study Camp already had some good results and established a good word-of-mouth, some teachers participated in this year's study camp based on their colleagues' encouragement. NTU's Center for Teaching and Learning Development wants to express its gratitude to the teachers for their participation and encouragement, and hopes that all faculty members will continue to support the activities and research projects of the Center, working collectively to upgrade the overall teaching quality of NTU.

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