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Main Library Offers On-line Japanese Courses

The Main Library has launched an on-line multimedia Japanese course called "Let's Learn Japanese." The scope of the course is very comprehensive, and runs the gamut from basic pronunciation, basic conversation, to commercial Japanese. The contents of the course are divided into five units, i.e., vocabulary, grammar, pattern practice, practical dialogues, and tests. Students can view their learning progress through self-tests. They can also understand their learning status by checking their learning records. Altogether, this course covers 2685 vocabularies, 2646 sentence patterns, 223 sets of dialogues, and nearly 2000 self-test exams. Once the course is completed, students are expected to achieve grade 2 Japanese proficiency.

First time users must register with the university to acquire their learners' account. After that, they can start learning Japanese online, unlimited by time and space. Has this free offer aroused your interest? You should take quick action by logging onto the digital learning homepage of the main library at http://elearning.lib.ntu.edu.tw, and click "Let's Learn Japanese." After registration you can commence your Japanese learning journey right away. Should you have ay problems or recommendations, you can contact the service division of the main library, Tel: 02-22662326, or e-mail:tul@ntu.edu.tw

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