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NTU's Computer and Information Networking Center Undertakes the Task of Hosting Tanet 2007; Invites All Sectors of Society to Listen to the Wonderful Speech Given by the Father of Internet, Dr. Vint Cerf

The 2007 Tanet Conference will be hosted by the Computer and Information Networking Center of NTU; Dr, Vint Cerf, hailed as the “Father of the Internet”, will be invited to give a keynote speech. Topic: “Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century,” all interested parties are welcome to attend.

Dr. Vint Cerf now serves as senior VP and top internet specialist at Google. Responsible for evaluating new network technology and supporting advanced internet products and services, Dr. Cerf is the most important representative of Google in the internet world.

Dr. Cerf was one of the original designers of TCP/IP protocol and internet structure. In recognition of their contribution to the establishment and development of the internet, in December of 1997, President Bill Clinton presented the National Medal of Technology to Dr. Cerf and his colleague, Dr. Robert E. Kahn. In 2004, for the same reason, The Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) presented the Turing Award to Dr. Cerf and Dr. Robert Kahn. (The Turing Award is often referred to as the Nobel Prize in the Computer Science world). In November, 2006, President Bush awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dr. Cerf and Dr. Kahn. (Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest medal of honor given to civilians by the U.S. government)

Dr. Cerf acquired his Bachelor's degree in math from Stanford University. Later on, he obtained master's degree and doctoral degree in Computer Science from UCLA. On top of these, Dr. Cerf has obtained many honorary doctoral degrees from world famous universities, including the ETH of Zurich, the University of Lulea (Sweden), the Capitol College of Maryland, the Gettysburg College of Pennsylvania, the Pisa University of Italy, the Beijing University of Posts and Communications, etc. His many honorary titles include: academician of IEEE, academician of ACM, academician of International Engineering Union, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering etc.

Owing to his remarkable achievements in the internet field, Dr. Cerf has received numerous honors and awards, including: the Marconi Research Fund, the National Academy of Engineering's Charles Stark Draper Award, IEEE's Alexander Graham Bell Medal, IEEE's Koji Kobayahsi Award, ACM's Software and System Award, ACNSIGCOMM Award, the Living Legend Medal of the Association of Computer and Communication Industry, introduction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Yuri Rubinsky's Internet Award, J.D. Edwards' Honors Program, etc.

Topic: Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century
Lecturer: Dr. Vint Cerf, ACM A.M. Turing Award Winner
Time:October 22nd (Monday), 14:30-15:30 p.m. (entrance starts at 14:00 p.m.)

Venue: Hall of Excellence, 2nd Floor, Fu-hwa International Culture and Education

Convention Center (No. 30, Section III, Hsin-seng south Rd., Taipei)

Registration Website: http://tanet2007.ntu.edu.tw/VintCerf/reg.htm

Activity Promotion: http://tanet2007.ntu.edu.tw/VintCerf/email/email.htm

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