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Results of the Root-Searching Activities of Student Associations Point toward A New Era of Social Service for NTU

The "Joint Achievements Announcement Ceremony of the Social Service Teams of NTU" held public forum in the afternoon of October 21st in the first Conference Room of the Administrative Building in the main campus, inviting people from all sectors of society to attend. Video clips on the achievements of the social teams during summer vacation were shown at the ceremony, and were accorded critical acclaim from the guests and wide coverage from the media.

President of NTU, Dr. Si-chen Lee says in his speech that NTU basically pursues three ideals: the first is to strive for excellence in teaching, the second is to do top notch research, and the third is to care for society. Caring for society, according to the President, means also to provide feedbacks to society, and he thinks that the students of NTU have done their duties in this regard. NTU"s Secretary General, Dr. Li-chen Fu also points out: it is quite touching to see so many student associations and social service teams overcome all kinds of hardships to provide service to the needy, to the extent that they even go abroad to participate in significant international charity events.

All the social service student associations at NTU unite their strengths together by learning and experiencing through service-providing. They are willing to sacrifice their holidays and vacations and ask for nothing in return. These kind of NTU students are scattered over all parts of Taiwan, and even in the off-shore islands and overseas, and their unselfish spirits of devotion and commitment made significant contributions to the enhancement of social justice in Taiwan, therefore worthy of public admiration.

The organizers of the event point out that NTU students are very much involved in social service work, even when they are attending classes. Social service activities have become an important part of the students" learning process at NTU. Over the long haul the students have learned to improve their organizing and planning abilities through continual practice, and on the other hand, those who received their service not only had a happy and fulfilled lifetime, they also cherished the precious experience with the students who provided the social service.

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