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NTU Will Offer Special Baccalaureate Degree Class in Chinese and an All English Speaking Global MBA Program

In order to expand the recruitment of foreign students, and to promote the understanding of NTU for foreign students who are interested in studying at this university, the Office of International Affairs held two expository sessions in the 4th Conference Room of the university on December 11th and 12th on "Foreign Student Recruitment for 2008", wherein the first session was conducted in Chinese, and the second session was conducted in English, respectively. These two expository sessions on foreign student recruitment attracted many international students to attend, especially those who are currently studying Chinese at the Language Center.

In 2006, the Office of International Affairs held its first expository session on foreign student recruitment in English which was well received by international students. This year, in consideration of different language backgrounds and the demands of degree seeking students, the Office of International Affairs held two expository sessions on foreign student recruitment and divided all attendants into a Chinese speaking group and an English speaking group. Director of the Special Baccalaureate Class for International Students in Studying Chinese, Professor Chi-peng Ho, was invited to give talks on the forthcoming new class, explaining the key elements of application documentation and the courses to be offered for this popular class. On the other hand, Director of the Global MBA Program, Professor Seng-Cho T. Chou, was also invited to give talks on the faculty, course features and future developments of the new master's degree program. The international students who attended these two sessions showed tremendous interest, and raised all kinds of relevant questions. The overall atmosphere during these two sessions was very warm and enthusiastic.

The attendance at this year's expository sessions was 2.5 times as large as last year's. For the Chinese speaking session, the attendants were mostly students from Japan, Korea and United States, whereas for the English speaking session, Latin American and African students made up the majority. According to the opinion poll, over 80% of the attendants thought that the expository sessions enhanced the understanding the university and the application process, and as many as 90% of the attendants indicated that they would recommend their friends to attend the expository sessions in the future. The feedback on the part of these international students fully attests to the efficacy of the expository sessions in assisting foreign students to apply for admission to NTU.

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