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Call for Entries-The Third Azalea Neuroscience and Biomedical Image Contest Welcomes Master-Hands from All over the World to Participate

In order to encourage the integration of science and humanities, and inspire Taiwan's original creative power, the Center for Neurobiology and Cognitive Science of NTU especially holds a neuroscience and biomedical image contest to signify that the University does not lose sight of the enhancement of humanities and the cultivation of innovative ideas while pursuing excellence in science and technology.

Purpose of the competition:

In addition to mature aesthetic quality and innovative ideas, all entries should contain at least one of the two following key elements; (1) significance in scientific knowledge or concept; (2) philosophical thinking on the nature of material life. The purpose of the competition is to use soft, aesthetic method to express the contents and philosophy of science, engineering, and technology and apply the expressions to the promotion, teaching, and non-profit publications thereof.

Category of Competition:

The competition falls into two categories; neuroscience and general biomedicine. The former is limited to subjects related to neuroscience, whereas the latter covers subject matters related to all areas of biomedicine excluding neuroscience. For each category, one "excellent" work and five "good" works will be selected. The contestant whose work is rated as ‘excellent' will receive N.T. 50,000 dollars cash prize and a certificate of merit; and the five contestants whose works are rated as "good' will each receive N.T. 10,000 cash prize and a certificate of merit.

Contents of the competition:

All works submitted for this contest must be a single image. Contestants are encouraged to compose their works in digital art format, but traditional paintings and photographic works are also accepted. All works submitted for entry must be originals created by the author. Paintings cannot have textual descriptions but must be supplied with captions.

Eligibility for Entry:

All individuals or groups who have their households registered in Taiwan are eligible for participation in the contest. The organizing committee of this contest encourages cross boundary cooperation between teams in life science and art design. Each individual or each group can only register for one category and submit one piece of work. All copyrighted materials are not eligible for entry into the contest. The same applies to multiple registration entries or works which are commercial products used for advertisement or promotional purposes by the manufacturers.

Specifications of Entry:

All entry works must be burned into a CD or DVD, and accompanied with description of title, and the information of the author. If the entry work cannot be recorded in digital files, then the contestant is obliged to submit the original piece, accompanied with description of title and the information of the author.

The digital entries should be in formats easily readable by the computer, such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG or others. And the electronic files must be non-compressed. All contestants must keep a duplicate of his entry. None of the submissions will be returned to the authors.


When submitting their works for entry into the competition, all authors must sign an affidavit of originality to verify that the submitted pieces are original works which do not infringe upon other people's intellectual property rights. All authors shall retain the copyright of their works, but the organizer and co-organizers of the competition are at liberty to use the names and works of the authors for teaching and promotional purposes, including posting them on websites or putting them on exhibition. The organizer or co-organizers of the competition may amend the rules of the contest in accordance with circumstantial requirements. All judges are not qualified to participate in the contest. In the event of insufficient amount of accepted entries, the organizer of the contest is entitled to amend or annul the contest prior to the announcement of winners.


The organizer shall invite fair experts from the scientific and artistic societies to serve as judges of this contest. All entries will first be reviewed for their eligibility, and then be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Excellent visual effect—he works must display unique artistic talent of the author and embody the 7 basic elements of art (color, figures, line, texture, shape, form and space) and the principles of design (balance, accentuation, good proportions, differentiation, layer, dynamics and rhythm). In sum, the works must be able to express the author's thoughts in a succinct and logical way.

Effective Communication—the submitted works should be able to express the process and results of phenomenon, principle, concept and research in an effective and concise manner. The work which he submits in this regard must be able to express his concepts clearly and form a dynamic whole through interconnection of the parts.

Freshness and innovative ideas—he submitted works should adopt a unique way to emphasize a new method, analyze research from a new perspective or describe a fact or a concept. Entries should possess a unique voice, vitality and energy. They can be based on a single theory or mixture of theories, applying a unique method to expound the research method.

Deadline for submission of works: February 20th, 2008

Should you have any doubts or inquiries, you are welcome to call Miss Kuo at 02-3366-3827, or email: ntuncsc@ntu.edu.tw, or log onto http://neuroscience.netu.edu.tw

For image samples please consult:
- http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/301/5639/1472b
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_art

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