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Department of Electrical Engineering Alumnus Mr. You-Jia Huang Puts 120 Pieces of His Artistic Works on Exhibition at the Barry Lam Art Gallery

Harboring a mind of tremendous appreciation, alumnus You-jia Huang returns to his alma mater after 36 years and is willing to present his artistic works in calligraphy and traditional Chinese paintings which he created after retiring from an engineering career to the faculty and students of NTU. His noble wish was expressed through Professor Hsueh-Jyh Li, who was Huang's classmate back then and who now teaches at the Department of Electrical Engineering, and brought to fruition through the assistance from the successive heads of the Department Professor Ruey-Beei Wu and Professor Jenn-Gwo Hwu. Chairman of the Quanta Computer Corporation, Mr. Barry Lam, generously donated the Barry Lam Hall to the Department of Electrical Engineering and sponsored the establishment of the Barry Lam Art Gallery (located at the basement of the Barry Lam Hall). Mr. You-Jia Huang's first personal exhibition was thus able to open to the public on the date of the university anniversary last year. (November 15th).

Mr. Huang's artistic creations are abundant and diversified. He offers 120 pieces for exhibition, but, owing to the space restraints of the Barry Lam Art Gallery, not all his works were able to be put on display at the first exhibition, so a second exhibition was staged on January 3rd to show his unexposed masterpieces, which included calligraphy of different styles, landscape paintings, paintings of flowers, birds, fish and animals, the Lingnan school of Chinese traditional painting, and avant-garde water ink and color ink paintings. Aficionados of Chinese paintings are all welcome to attend his exhibition.

The Barry Lam Art Gallery was established through alumni's good wishes to contribute to their alma mater. As an open platform for art and literature activities, the Gallery welcomes faculty and students to share its facilities and to co-manage this new venue. In order to efficiently plan the exhibition and activity agenda, the Gallery urges artists who wishes to have their works put on display for next semester (March through July) to submit their applications and preliminary ideas before the end of February.

Exhibition Time for You-jia Huang's Calligraphy and Paintings: January 3rd to February 29th, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, Exhibition Venue: The Barry Lam Art Gallery, Barry Lam Hall, basement 1 Contact: Miss Tsai, Room 110, the 2nd building of the Department of Electrical Engineering (Tel; 02-3366-3700, ext. 178), or e-mail: yating216@cc.ee.ntu.edu.tw

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