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NTU’s Innovation Contest Welcomes Participation from Students

Do you have any novel or fancy ideas? The NTU Innovation Contest now officially kicks off!! You can now join the contest online, and students from all colleges are urged to register!!

Theme of the Contest: Any topics related to technological innovation or application is acceptable, and not limited to concepts of technological innovation. Products, services, digital contents, new business models or ideas of starting up your new business, creative works that are different from existing models which can be competitive and valuable are all eligible for entry. Here are some ideas for your reference: innovation and technology, intellectual life, campus issues, entrepreneurial technology.

Eligibility for Entry: All students currently registered (including undergraduate and graduate students)

Deadline for Registration: February 22nd, 2008

Criteria of Evaluation: Originality 40%, Practical Value: 30%, Integrity 30%

Excellent: 1, cash prize N.T. 100,000, a trophy and a certificate of merit

Outstanding: 2, 40,000 N.T. cash prize, and a certificate of merit each Honorable Mention: several (maximum 10 winners), cash prize N.T. 5,000, and a certificate of merit for each winner Rookies Award:

In order to encourage undergraduates to participate and perform, this award is established wherein the first three prizes will be given to undergraduates.

Participation Award: All those who submitted a complete report will be given the participation award. The criteria for evaluation can be adjusted in accordance with the judge’s view. When deemed necessary, the prizes could be increased or suspended.

For details please log onto : http://soc.ee.ntu.edu.tw/soc/08contest/

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