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At the Chinese New Year Get-together Party, President Si-chen Lee Expressed His wishes for the 80 year-old University to Rank among the Top 100 Universities in the World in the Near Future

After the holiday season, NTU held the 2008 Chinese New Year Get-together Party on the first day of school, along with the launching of a new book titled: "Because I love you: The Stories of the First Group of Outstanding Teachers at NTU."

In his speech, President Lee said that NTU acquired 3 billion in funds from the Ministry of Education's phase- two "Five Year-50 billion Grant." Over the past two years NTU achieved two "excellent" ratings in Ministry of Education's evaluations. Of the twelve universities under survey by the Ministry, only four universities were able to acquire two "excellent" ratings.

According to the President, for the next three years, NTU's development plan should be focused on consolidating the improvements that were made in the past two years, including teaching, quality of human resources, and research. President Lee maintained that further improvements needed to be made in infrastructure, top-notch programs and balanced development, university/industry cooperation and international academic exchange. In addition, humanities and social studies projects, and international academic cooperation projects needed to be strengthened as well.

At the same occasion, the launch party for the new book titled "Because I Love You: Stories of the First Group of Outstanding Teachers at NTU" was also held. Dr. Joyce Yen-Feng, Dean of Student Affairs introduced the contents of the book as a compilation of anecdotes of how eight award-winning teachers got along with their students. She described the anecdotes as heartwarming, inspiring, humorous, or sensuous in nature.

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